What do you consider the most important factors during a test drive? Is it comfort, safety, and enjoyment? If so, then you're on the right track for finding a used car that fits your expectations. Still, there are other important factors when taking a test drive. How does the car navigate in certain driving situations, such as on the highway? Are there any challenges with parallel parking? These are the types of questions that should go into the test drive analysis to ensure you're choosing the right car.

Take time to thoroughly understand how the car handles based on your typical driving habits and routines. If you typically drive on the highway, take a test drive through the neighborhood at 25 m.p.h. won't benefit you. Get a good feeling for the car, so it's not a shock or disappointing once you take delivery.

A test drive is an ideal opportunity to assess whether the features are beneficial to your driving style. Are you familiar with the safety features that come with the used car you're interested in buying?

Compare the same safety features with another used car that has a different body style. It is especially beneficial to determine if the car is easy to parallel park. Is the car equipped with a backup mirror? Does that feature work well for you? Put that feature and others to the test and determine if anything may be undesirable for you. Be sure that you utilize all the safety features and accessories during the test drive. It's too late after you've taken delivery, so use the test drive to your maximum advantage.

If you would like a test drive of a late-model and high-quality used car, visit J & S AutoHaus Six in Mt. Holly, NJ. Our dealership is just a few miles from Trenton, and we welcome those drivers too!

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