Buying a used car looks a lot different than it did a few decades ago. You can find a used car that can last for many years. J&S 6 Mt. Holly remains committed to ensuring that only high-quality cars come into our inventory. Even though the used car buying process has changed, the advantages of buying a used car offer the same great possibilities.

Advantage #1 = Lower Depreciation

A used car doesn't depreciate the way a brand-new car does. The minute you drive it from the dealership, a brand-new car can depreciate up to 30 percent. Depreciation can impact the long-term value, and it can prove beneficial. Many financial experts agree that it remains advantageous to buy a used car that already experienced that rapid depreciation. We consider it a good long-term investment.

Advantage #2 = More Car for Your Money

A used car serves as a perfect way to buy more for a lot less. You can buy a used car that has identical features and accessories to those in a brand-new vehicle. While you may not get the new car smell, you can still enjoy the features and accessories you love for a much lower monthly payment. If the new car smell excites you, air fresheners now offer the new car scent to accommodate that expectation.

Advantage #3 = Lower Insurance Costs

If you have a good driving record, your insurance rates probably already meet your satisfaction. If you have a few points that have impacted your insurance rates, buying a new car may send them higher than you find acceptable. By choosing a used car, you have an opportunity to maintain the insurance rates that you already pay. If your rates already offer you a low price, you can anticipate an additional benefit and more money in your pocket.

Would you like to take a test drive of a high-quality used car? Visit our dealership and browse our great selection.

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