At J & S AutoHaus Six, we want you to have a buying experience that is both memorable and satisfying. To ensure you have the best opportunity for success with your decision, we believe setting a budget is useful. Have you created one to make sure you're staying within an affordable range with your choice? Now is the time to do so!

Down Payment

How much are you planning to put down on a used car? Typically, lenders prefer borrowers put down ten percent of the sale price. However, take a close look at your finances and determine if that is right for your budget. Remember, a larger down payment keeps your monthly payment lower. If you can afford more than ten percent, it may be wiser in the long term for your budget if you need a lower monthly payment.

Monthly Payment

During the selection process, we ask buyers how much they want their monthly car payment to be. This is not a trick question. It helps us to know how we can better assist you. You should have an idea of a monthly payment to stay within before entering the dealership. Be reasonable and establish one that is not more than 15 percent of your gross income or more than 20 percent of your net pay.


How much do you think your trade is worth? Use our trade valuation tool to get a conditional assessment. The trade-in value gets subtracted from your agreed sale price. Therefore, it makes a huge difference in choosing an affordable used car to buy. Keep in mind, a final appraisal of your trade will be completed by us, and we want you to receive the value you deserve.

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