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Understanding Used Car Financing

Buying a used car on finance in Mt. Holly, NJ is a cost-effective way of getting a new ride. Depending on how you purchase your vehicle, the financing options available might be different. The time it takes to pay off the car depends on your agreement with your lender or dealer.

Here are some specific things to bear in mind before visiting J & S AutoHaus Six for a car.

Credit Scores and Car Finance

With a good credit score, you’ll find the best deals when using credit to finance your car. Remember to work out all your expenditure before…

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How to Set a Budget for Your Next Used Car

At J & S AutoHaus Six, we want you to have a buying experience that is both memorable and satisfying. To ensure you have the best opportunity for success with your decision, we believe setting a budget is useful. Have you created one to make sure you're staying within an affordable range with your choice? Now is the time to do so!

Down Payment

How much are you planning to put down on a used car? Typically, lenders prefer borrowers put down ten percent of the sale price.

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Helpful Used Car Test Driving Tips When Visiting J & S AutoHaus Six

What do you consider the most important factors during a test drive? Is it comfort, safety, and enjoyment? If so, then you're on the right track for finding a used car that fits your expectations. Still, there are other important factors when taking a test drive. How does the car navigate in certain driving situations, such as on the highway? Are there any challenges with parallel parking? These are the types of questions that should go into the test drive analysis to ensure you're choosing the right car.

Take time to thoroughly understand how the car handles. 

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Understand the Advantages of Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car looks a lot different than it did a few decades ago. You can find a used car that can last for many years. J&S 6 Mt. Holly remains committed to ensuring that only high-quality cars come into our inventory. Even though the used car buying process has changed, the advantages of buying a used car offer the same great possibilities.

Advantage #1 = Lower Depreciation

A used car doesn't depreciate the way a brand-new car does. The minute you drive it from the dealership, a new car can depreciate up to 30 percent. Depreciation can…

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